Encore II Liner

The Encore II Liner is a soft general purpose liner designed for comfort and everyday use. The bottom third of the distal end is laminated with an anti-elongation matrix that is designed to reduce stretch and eliminate pistoning. Soft thermoplastic gel enriched with medical grade mineral oil ensures continuous comfort .

The Encore II Liner offers an advanced fabric design with soft gel for reliable comfort and fit.


The Encore II Liner in manufactured out of two unique fabrics.  The high-stretch outer fabric is soft and plush which provides a comfortable feel while the non-stretch interior fabric stops distal elongation.  Available in three color combinations:

Encore II - colors.jpg





Available in eleven sizes.  See our Encore II Liner Sizing Chart

   16 cm

   18 cm

   20 cm

   22 cm

   24 cm

   26 cm

   28 cm

   31 cm

   34 cm

   38 cm

   42 cm


Available in three gel thickness profiles, measured anterior/posterior.





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