Encore V Liner

The Encore V Liner is designed for maximum comfort.  This liner is engineered with a high cushion thermoplastic gel that is enriched with medical grade mineral oil, resulting in a liner that provides optimum cushion while maintaining durability.

The Encore V Liner combines performance with enhanced cushioning and durability.


The Encore V Liner in manufactured out of two unique fabrics.  The lighter anterior panel is a soft fabric that stretches in all directions.  The darker posterior panel is a heavier fabric designed to eliminate longitudinal stretching or "pistoning".  Both fabrics have been treated to provide a soft finish. Available in two color combinations:


    Steel Grey/Dark Grey


Available in eleven sizes.  See our Encore V Liner Sizing Chart

   16 cm

   18 cm

   20 cm

   22 cm

24 cm

   26 cm

28 cm

   31 cm

   34 cm

38 cm

   42 cm


Available in four gel thickness configurations, measured anterior/posterior.






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