Encore Summit Sleeve

The Summit Sleeve is designed for comfort and performance. This sleeve is crafted using a proprietary blend of thermoplastic gel and medical grade mineral oil, resulting in a sleeve that is highly durable and retains critical elasticity.

We created the Summit Sleeve to offer a high quality, innovative and customizable sleeve that is accessible to everyone.


The Summit Sleeve is offered in two unique blends of thermoplastic gel, both specifically engineered for different levels of comfort and performance. 

   Active Gel

Designed for activity, our Active Gel is highly responsive. Choose Active Gel for all-day performance and a high level of control during movement.

   Relax Gel

Designed for comfort, our Relax Gel offers a softer and more forgiving feel, whether in motion or at rest.


The Summit Sleeve incorporates ultra-strong, non-pilling fabric that feels smooth and luxurious, but is capable of withstanding long term wear. Choose from three colors.



    Steel Grey


Measured at mid-patella.  Available in 5 sizes.  See our Summit Sleeve Sizing Chart.

   XSmall    23 cm

   Small      27 cm

   Medium   31 cm

   Large      37 cm

   XLarge    43 cm


Available in two gel thicknesses. 



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